Monday, 30 July 2012

Creating Online Books

L'histoire de la Colombie-Britannique

I tried out Youblisher by uploading some of the documents I used in my French Immersion Social Studies class. At first, I had three different PDFs, but then found this site to combine them:

Once I had my PDFs combined, I was able to upload them as one document, making it a nice little booklet about BC history. Like this, I could create my own textbook about a certain topic (e.g. BC history) and tell students to read certain pages in my textbook as homework. This would cut down on photocopying and student would always have access to their materials (no danger of losing any pages…). I could also imagine students doing a final project using this tool. They could create a newspaper in Social Studies or French class, for instance, upload it to youblisher, and present part of it to the class.

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