Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reading 9

I think the author of this blog post makes some very good points about “powerpointlessness”, a term I like a lot. I think all of us have been to one of these terrible power point presentation/lectures where the person talking was reading everything that was on his or her slides, or bombarded the audience with so much text that you just gave up reading what was on the slides. Today, university professors use power point presentations and then tell the students that they do not need to take any notes because the presentation will be on the course website. In this situation, as a student, I ask myself why I should even come to class if what the professor is saying is not worth taking notes of and if everything that is of value is on the power point slides. So I completely agree with the blog’s author that a power point presentation is just a support, and nothing more. I think as teachers, we should encourage our students to use power point, but teach them some simple rules of how to present things. Also, I think that working on oral presentation skills (how you say things in a simple way, how you emphasize things, how you engage your audience) might be worthwhile so that power point becomes just a tool again, and not the focus of the presentation.

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